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How to sustain a business?

Start-Up business is a hot topic nowadays. 

Apart from online business and technology-based business such as payment gateway, social media, virtual reality are dramatically increasing, a real store offering real products is very crucial to an economy. People opt to do shopping in a grocery store for fish and meat, eggs etc. because of freshness consideration.

I would like to talk about a bakery, one of our clients, is still keep their business going well every day.  

Ueno Bakery & Enzyme (上野酵素麵包生活館), an one-of-a-kind bakery, with enzyme-added which helps in digestion and is unique in Hong Kong. It opens since 2010 and it drew a lot of press coverage for the brand and the products.

Ueno Bakery & Enzyme opens every day and produces more than 60 freshly baked products unless some chaotic moment happened last 2 years in Hong Kong. 

However, in order to sustain the business, not only just offering high quality products in terms of using high ingredients, but also creativity taken into account. Ricky Yim, senior bakery chef of Ueno Bakery & Enzyme saying that "We are having near 200 recipes on the product list and we rotate them by seasonality and base on seasonality of our ingredients." "Our bread are artisan, and freshly baked at our on site bakery daily."

Offline stores like bakery also make use of the advantage of nowadays technology. "Social media is an alternative communication with our customers." Ricky Yim said. It draws some extent of attention to our customers and potential customers

Click on the video to explore the production of the Ueno Bakery & Enzyme.

Ueno Bakery & Enzyme 上野酵素麵包生活館 :
Shop B, G/F , 785A, Nathan Road, Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong