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Passions to French Pastry - PAUL LAFAYET

"Paul Lafayet is delicated to bring the most authentic taste of French pastry to Asia."

A warm invitation by the owner, I attended a tasting event at Windsor House on 5 July 2011. When I stepped in the venue, colourful handmade macarons and fresh French cakes had been elegantly displayed and awaiting for your gourmet.

Pick my favourite macarons (oolong and pistacho) and try new coca-cola flavors, serving with 5 petits gateaux including their signature mille-feuilles, craquelin au chocolat, gateau au fromage.....

The organiser arranged very well with serving their premium iced Kusmi tea from Paris, which perfectly enhance your sensory experience. One of new baby born artisanal cakes for this event is "Hazelnut ciel cake" which are full aroma favour in hazelnut, and creamy aftertaste that should not miss for this summer holiday.

Paul Lafayet is always having passions in quality with its selected French ingredients and their savoir faire skills. It is hard to find an extraordinary artisanal patisserie francaise in Hong Kong except Paul Lafayet. D'ailleurs, the price is reasonable as well.  Bon Appetit!

Paul Lafayet Patisserie Francaise
Shop G13, G/F, Windsor House, Causeway Bay
TEL: (852)34 21 19 82
Shop G23, G/F, K11, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
TEL: (852) 35 86 96 21